About Us 

ARIS will soon to launch cosmetics line that enhances a woman’s natural beauty while nurturing her skin. Product line extensions and skin care products are ongoing and improvement of new and innovative product lines in a continuous process. And there are many good things to come.

Founded in 1987 in Arizona, USA, ARIS Cosmetics was started by idealist and advance thinking perfume and cosmetics line created by, Mr. Fred Pourbastani.

The founder, Mr. Fred, who grew up in the USA, developed his interest in perfumes and cosmetics in his youth working with his father who also worked in the cosmetics industry. This became his inspiration to pursue a career in the same field. He is a cosmetic chemist and has gained knowledge and experience over the past 35 plus years by working at several major cosmetics companies in the USA.

First it was finding the right formulation. After extensive research, Fred partnered with an Emirati National, Mr. Naser Abdulla Hussain Ahmed Khunj, (group of Abdullah Hussain Khunji group) manufacturer that exclusively into perfume and cosmetics line. They decided to start their own business and to follow their dreams.

Since it was launched in 1995, ARIS has been dedicated to practices that are good for people and the environment. It has a wide creation range of innovative perfume and cosmetics.

Each new batch of product had to be, and still is, personally inspected by Fred for the highest level of quality control. The quality of the product is mirrored in its packaging. “This perfume is as close to a handmade creation as you can get,” he says. This is the reason why ARIS perfumes quickly became a sensation across GCC borders and in international mass-market luxury product almost instantly. With the help of multiple talented designers, on creating the exclusive packaging for perfume and cosmetics, and developed to a real art masterpieces!  We create trendy seamless products which define to the aspirations and lifestyles of today’s customers. Our packaging has been flawless which shows a dedication for our customers looking to the future.